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Biography| Hala Gorani

Hala Basha Gorani an anchor who is serving CNN since 1998 is belonging to a Syrian Decent was born in Seattle, Washington. She is American by nationality. Though she was born in United States, her childhood was mostly spent on Paris and her schooling was done from France. Later she moved to George Mason University in Virginia for her graduate degree in Science (economics).She knows French, English and Arabic.

Her broadcasting career begun from the French News papers and she has also worked for France 3, a local cable news Station in Paris. She is also the former host of Bloomberg TV based in London. After she joined CNN in 1998 she was able to win heart of every audience reporting live from war zone, earthquake and many others places. So, she became a lady to win a different award like Edward R. Murrow award

She is one of the most the most experienced female anchor of CNN is also covering a news all around the world including Middle East host a show International desk. She is the reporter based on Atlanta who successfully interviewed Tony Blair, James Dimon, JP Morgan and lots of famous personality all over the world.

She was born in 1970 and is 43 by age. Hala Gorani is married as per some source but it is not officially declared anywhere. It was also mentioned that Hala Gorani husband is Lebanese singer. But this sort of information flashed out may not be true in sense. Hala Gorani isn’t Muslim however she is Syrian Christian.

She stands tall with height of 5 feet and 6 inch. She is blessed with a perfect stunning pair of legs and a slim body .Hala Gorani details of her career has been widely mentioned in Wiki and the official site

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